The Church is made up of people who have found HOPE, FAMILY, LIFE & ACCEPTANCE in Jesus Christ.

It’s not that you can’t find those things in today’s society.
It’s just that the Bible teaches that without Jesus, these things are just are a taste of what life should be.

Here is a window to our Culture at NLCC…


You have a purpose

That purpose is tied into the story of the creator of the universe.


You have a place

We are more accustomed to seeing divided families today. The gospel story is of a God who sent His Son, Jesus to restore family. You were always meant to be part of God’s family.


you have a lens…

…through which to view & experience life. Jesus said that He came that you would have life in all its fullness. You were meant to view & experience life through Him.


The gospel is for everyone…

…who believes, regardless of age, nationality, gender, career, criminal record, addictions or anything else you can think of.

Our culture is one that has been built upon the cornerstone of our faith in Jesus Christ.
He is the good news for us here at NLCC.
He is good news for the world.